Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shock to my system

My doctor increased the dose for both hormones; Prometrium (Progesterone) and Estradiol/Vivelle (Estrogen). I was still having some issues (symptoms) as well as undesirable side effects. She has been so open with me that I am the second person in her long and distinguished career to be in this situation, before the age of 45.

Hmmm let me rephrase that like a big girl. I am the second premature menopausal woman under the age of 45 that my doctor has treated in her esteemed, 30+ year career. Such a rarity that she speaks with her "colleagues" about me and my situation. One of the reasons for bumping up the Estrogen was because there is still some concern for the health of my overall body and body functions. Essentially, without the normal hormones of a 35 year-old my body will function as a 50-60 year-old's body. The concerns are bone loss, osteoporosis and dementia. Some would joke I've already begun the latter.

So, by increasing my dose of Estrogen my body will have the hormones of a pseudo-normal 35 year-old and the hope is I won't encounter bone loss, osteoporosis or dementia until much later in life, if ever.

I still have some of the lower-dose Estrogen patches so I intend to finish those however I did begin the increased dose of Prometrium last night. I took it at 9pm. I read and fell asleep around 10pm. I woke at 11:30, 1am, 2:30 and 3:30 am. Finally at 4:15 I took my dogs for a walk and started my day.

Guess it will take awhile to get used to...after all, my body has had very little if any hormones for at least 18 months. Shock to my system!

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