Friday, October 8, 2010

Is it obvious?

(This blog entry was written a few days ago...)
Love this weather. I absolutely heart fall. In fact I heart fall so much I would move somewhere without summer and instead, two falls.

Woke up, took dogs on walk this morning. It was probably 55 degrees. I wore a hoodie and pants and a skullcap to keep my ears warm. I was perfect on the walk - didn't sweat and of course wasn't too cold.

Got home and showered, dressed in layers: jeans, t-shirt, sweater and vest. Kept all my layers on while I worked from home. It was 61 degrees at my house.

Met girlfriend for coffee at 11:30. Took off and put on my vest and sweater every five minutes. Seriously. Layers on and I turn beet red, and sweat profusely. Layers off I cringe at the chills. She kind of stared.

She said, "Hot flash?"

I said "Is it that obvious?"

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