Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another doctor's appt...

We have another doctor's appointment today. Supposed to be a follow-up. The follow-up was scheduled for Nov. 22 but due to some issues that have arisen we've moved it up to today. Nothing major, just more side effects. Or, maybe not side effects, maybe other issues. Who knows!

Went to "Social Network" last night. AWESOME movie. Can't decide if Jesse Eisenberg deserves a best actor in  leading role Academy Award more for his role as Mark Zuckerberg or Justin Timberlake as best supporting actor. And that's not just because JT is hot, he was amazing as Napster inventor and bachelor-lifelong-partier Sean Parker.

We went with a couple who aren't even on Facebook, know very little about Facebook and yet still thought the movie was insane. (Insane, meaning AWESOME). We hadn't been to a move in a long time it was so fun!

I've decided to go to a Pet Writers' Conference in NYC in February. I've been working very hard on a book about a local animal rescuer. A little woman you may know, Kate Quigley. My writers' group has been very supportive of my writing this book and, while we all acknowledge the market will be small, the book could be hugely popular. So, my goal is to have a good 250 pages done by that conference in Febraury. Some of the people involved in the book Saving Gracie will be there as well as many of the people involved in the book The Art of Racing in The Rain (bestseller told from dog's point of view). I can't wait. I'm nervous but so excited. I hate traveling and yet, 2010-2011 will go down as "Sarah's traveling years."

Maybe menopause has changed me for the better in that I'm not so scared to leave my comfort zone now? That would be nice. My husband would definitely like that.

One positive thing I have experienced lately that honestly, I never thought would coincide with menopause, is that I need less sleep than I did before, and I have a great energy about me. Sometimes this "energy" might be called crazy, yes, however most of the time my energy is welcomed and I have honestly never felt better.

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