Sunday, October 31, 2010

More than menopausal

Being menopausal doesn't define me. Have I let it, lately? I am so much more. I am wife, daughter, sister, friend, writer and animal welfare activist. I am daughter-in-law, lover and fighter. I am peacemaker and mistake maker.

I am also, participant of NaNoWriMo.

Nanowrimo is the National Novel Writing Month - every year during the month of November. I've been writing a book (not novel which would be fiction, but that is a small detail) since February. My book was titled: Hope for Tyson: The Kate Quigley Story however has taken a turn and now is untitled. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a crazy dog lady, involved in animal welfare and rescue, who protests at Ringling Bros Circus venues and judges people who wear fur.

Since 2006 I've had the pleasure of knowing Kate Quigley. Kate pretty much makes me look like Mike Vick in her compassion for animals. I started writing articles for various publications about Kate's work and then one day at coffee, Kate told me she'd been approached by publishers in NYC about her life's work. But, since I'm a writer (struggling), friend and animal activist, why don't I write the book she asked. I was elated. So, that's what I'm doing.

More than menopausal...I'm also a sister. My brother and I drove to Columbia last night to meet our sister for dinner. Our mom does it with her siblings every so often, so thanks for the idea Ma! We met at the Geisha Sushi Restaurant in Columbia off 8th and Broadway. Awesome food, superb service - our waitress Kristen had fun with us. I'm pretty sure we were her most memorable table last night.

After dinner we walked around the downtown Columbia area - I do NOT miss being in college! We saw hysterical Halloween costumes my favorite of which was Dora. Probably because my sweet niece Grace loves Dora.

Yes, I am more than menopausal.

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