Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When you least expect it....and other random monologues

Last week was crazy, this weekend was crazy. We went to Hermann for a wedding. We stayed at Hermann Hill Inn. This was the most amazing place I have been in a very long time. MUCH needed get-away.

So I keep bothering my husband to "let" me get another dog. Not that we need another dog. We need another dog like I need less eggs. Hee hee. I have even pulled the "I can't bear children please let me save another dog" trick and he is so smart he comes right back with "why do we need another dog Sarah?" And that's when I say "because there are so many that need homes" and he's made his argument right there. Its not that we need another dog at all. And, there will never be a shortage of dogs that need homes.

I tell you what - how many of you readers are on hormones? Hormone replacement of any kind? It has been amazing. Its like more than any happy pill/relaxer pill anything I've ever experienced. I'm just, chill. My husband used to get me so riled up (on purpose, and pre-menopausal emotional roller coaster). This is the Estradiol I'm talking about. I experienced some pretty scary side-effects to the Progesterone replacement....still have to call my awesome doctor and tell her I've discontinued use of that on my own. May not have been the best call on my own but I couldn't deal with it...besides Progesterone is a reactive treatment for symptoms, not a pro-active treatment for potential disorders or diseases down the line. So, I really don't need to take it. Which, reminds me, I really need to call my doctor tomorrow.

I had this pre-protest meeting/party at my place Saturday night. Really great group of people - what do you expect when dealing with animal lovers! - and this one girl came - I will call her "S". She was so beautiful. Her skin was porcelain she didn't have any wrinkles or crows' feet. She was beautiful and sweet and I would have put her at 28. Tops. During the discussion she dropped that she was near 40. And by near I mean within 18 months of 40. Some women have the luck, that is for sure.

That's all for now. Need to put finishing touches on Kansas City's biggest, baddest and bitchiest Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey circus protest!

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