Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is EVERYONE pregnant?

It seems lately that everyone is pregnant. Seriously. Please message me if you are not pregnant. I even saw a guy at Loose park the other evening - and I swear he was pregnant.

I thank God every day for the most amazing man as my husband. Loving, supportive and always makes me laugh. How do the two tie in? Me seeing a billion pregnant women and having the most amazing husband ever? Well, I assume he too, sees pregnant people everywhere. Kind of like Haley Joel Osment in "Sixth Sense" said, "I see dead people." Well, we see pregnant people! And infants! And newborns..everywhere. It's like they're taking over Kansas City.

Whenever I see a pregnant lady Kurt squeezes my hand. He occasionally makes a joke too. About how he loves my body the way it is and he loves our lives the way they are...that two dogs is enough for us to handle and we don't have any room in our adorable bungalow for children. Then he jokes about Kansas City's school system and "where in the world would our children go to school? You will have to sell the next great American novel sooner than later baby if you want to put our kids in private school."

I don't mind when people ask me, "when are you and Kurt having kids?" I don't mind that question at all. The inquirer might feel sheepish when I answer although that is not at all intended.

I met with a new writer friend the other morning, for coffee. We swapped manuscripts we are currently working on. Completely different styles of writing - hers imaginative, creative, fiction and descriptive. Mine, dialogue-based nonfiction magazine articles. We are the same age. She just had a baby girl 7 weeks ago. She looks amazing. She is the "granola" type I always wished I could've been in college. Maybe high school too now that I think about it. Clear porcelain skin, eyeliner and long dark hair parted down the middle. In some ways she belongs at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop and in others she belongs in a Woodstock documentary. That being said, she is extremely intelligent and has sophisticated taste in literature. We chatted forever, critiqued each other's works and I realized its okay to not have children because, although she is the mother of two, her children do not an identity make. Does that make any sense?

We all have people in our lives' who are "the mother". Some of us have people in our lives who are "the gay guy" the "bitch" or the "crazy dog lady". I know I never wanted to be labeled as anything. I think it always kind of scared me that if I did have children I would be labeled as Sarah the Mom. Not, Sarah the cool animal activist or Sarah the wife or Sarah the lover or Sarah the best friend or sister. Just, Sarah the mom.

This new writer friend of mine was about a billion things, and "mother" was only one of them.

That's all for today. Oh yeah, I drove around Kansas City's slums feeding, watering, un-tangling already short chains for dogs all day with Kate Quigley. MOST amazing woman. Her "people" in the ghetto literally call her "the angel". Then I had a therapy session. Now I'm about ready to power down.

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