Tuesday, September 21, 2010


For any of you "Twihards" out there - when I typed this title (Complication) it reminded me of the scene where Edward and Bella are outside Bella's house and Edward looks concerned. Bella asks what is wrong and he replies, "minor complication". Then, as he drives away, Jacob and Billy Black drive past him.

Anyway, that's how my mind works!

So there's been a slight complication. Nothing big really, just a learning experience. Mainly the learning experience is that I'm not a doctor. While this has been a source of frustration for my husband since day 1 - I commonly stop meds at will  - now it has sunk in that I, Sarah Elizabeth Estlund Mullally, do not have my M.D.

Awhile back the specialist prescribed two hormones: Estradiol (estrogen) and Prometrium (progesterone). I started the Estradiol first because she gave me samples. I was lazy about filling the prescription so didn't start the Prometrium until 2 weeks afterward.

The Estradiol, as I have stated in previous posts, is wonderful. WONDERFUL. While I fully understand my body needs the estrogen, applying the patch has probably gotten rid of 80% of my hot flashes, nearly cured my insomnia and helped bring me off Ozzy's Crazy Train 99% of the time.

The Prometrium however, resulted in a bit different experience. Five days after the first application I started having major side effects. I'm still too private to get into the exact side effects publicly but lets just say it was startling and, upon researching the side effects, were considered "serious and severe" side effects. So, I (thinking I know what's best) stopped taking the P. My husband told me mutliple times to call my doctor and tell her I'd gone off the P. It took me about 2 weeks to  make this phone call a priority and once I did, I got a lecture from the nurse and doctor as well.

Needless to say the E and P work as "yin and yang" so that is the first reason I should have consulted the doctor sooner. I didn't cause any harm at all by stopping the hormone yet, I didn't necessarily give the E a chance to work as well as it could/should have been. My doctor had me on the smallest dose of P possible so she/we are going to mess around with a few different dosages of other drugs but I learned the importance of the yin and yang...and not self-diagnosing as my sister would say.

It has been a challenge to find medications/hormones that a) weren't tested on animals and b) aren't made with animal bi-products. In the meantime, I've been resorting back to the essential oils which I got from Perfect Scents (and no I am not getting any kick-back from them I just think they're awesome and the lady who owns the place knows everything).

Anyway, I know I haven't posted in awhile and I SO SO SO SOOO appreciate the readers/audience. Please keep commenting and messaging me sarahemullally@gmail.com with anything.

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