Saturday, November 6, 2010

Writers' dinner....

My writers' group consists of five people; T, K, B, D and me. Three women, two men. About a month ago, T decided to have a dinner party for us, mostly so our spouses could meet each other and our crazy writer friends.

I don't know what the others expected but the first one was really fun. Take a liberal activist, a conservative Senator, a casino employee, a CEO of a major company in KC, a stay-at-home mom and several other completely opposite personalities and put them in the same room - the result is awesome! We did have so much fun.

Well, that was a month ago and our second writers' group dinner party was last night and K's beautiful home. We'd never met her husband before and even doubted he existed -thought maybe he was an incredible figment of her fiction-loving mind. Oh he is very real, very sweet and very hospitable.

It was a great time. I was so tired. I honestly thought we would go, eat and leave. And the cool thing about this group is that no one judges and no one needs explanations. If you need to leave, you leave, no questions asked no justifications expected.

That was my plan last night. Between campaigning for Prop B, working at the shelters and Chain of Hope, writing my book and working a long day at the firm yesterday, I wanted nothing more than to go home and rest my head. Kurt is good with whomever and wherever, he is such a people-person. I never have to worry about him. That being said, everyone was having a great time and I was definitely the party pooper when I dragged him away at nearly 10:00!

I think I'm going to push for our dinner parties to be on "school nights" so I'm not the only lame person going home before midnight.

T did message me awhile ago to tell me she and her husband left within moments after we did. Apparently after that, the party got out of hand and crazy.

You know how those fiction writers are.

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