Friday, November 12, 2010

Hour in the life!

My chai latte was on the stove. I drank my orange-mango-peach smoothie, and realized I needed to clean out the blender. But it also occurred to me I needed to clean the counters. With dishrag in one hand I opened the door underneath the sink to get the all-purpose cleaning stuff. Couldn't find it.

Went upstairs to my office where I believed the all-purpose cleaner to be. Saw that I had some paperwork that needed to be tended to.

Organizing the paperwork I found some investment paperwork.

Headed downstairs to the dining room to find my "investment paperwork" folder. In the process I found an old checkbook.

Went into Kurt's office with the old checkbook to shred it (shredder kept in Kurt's office.) While in Kurt's office I noticed his garbage was full; I'd forgotten to empty it into the trash for today's pickup.

Took the trash outside to the curb. On the way back I checked for mail. Realized yesterday was Veteran's Day - no mail. Somehow being around mail reminded me my paycheck would be in my account tonight. This prompted me to go to my laptop on the coffee table to balance my checkbook.

Sitting at the coffee table it occurred to me I needed to vacuum the area rug. Because the area rug is underneath the coffee table.

I went back to Kurt's office where we keep the vacuum (one of them) took it back to the living room. I also remembered I want to sell my Kirby vacuum on Craigslist.

I hop back on the laptop to list the Kirby vacuum on Craigslist. Wait, I need to take a picture of the vacuum first.

Then I can vacuum the area rug.

As I'm vacuuming the area rug it occurs to me the coffee table needs to be dusted first. I turn the vacuum off and go to grab my all-purpose cleaner and rag to dust the table. Then it occurs to me my chai latte was still on the stove, the blender still needed to be cleaned out and the countertops were still dirty.

And I still didn't have my all-purpose cleaner.

Just an hour in the life of me.


  1. hmmm ... think that was the same hour in my life :-))