Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Acknowledgment and relief

I've recently begun to feel a huge sigh of relief come over me. I started Estradiol last Wednesday. This is a synthetic form of estrogen (no animals harmed in the making, distributing or testing of this - its made in a lab) in the form of a patch. I change the patch on Wednesday and Saturday and do this for an undetermined amount of time. Basically, when I have reached "normal menopause age".

While the Estradiol has greatly improved my symptoms, the main reason for this hormone replacement therapy is that my body is void of any estrogen at all. The normal woman's body produces estrogen until they're near 60. The female body NEEDS estrogen to avoid bone loss, dementia and osteoporosis among many other diseases and conditions.

The hot flashes and insomnia are still with me but the mood swings are nowhere to be found! I love it! I'm even more chill than my oh-so-chill husband.

More to come...however I am busy co-organizing the Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey protest which we will be conducting next week at the Sprint Center...


  1. people are busy with their own lives and their own problems and often times don't see the big deal with other peoples' problems or circumstances. You can't get caught up in the lack of support. Just be happy with the 80% you are getting - most people don't even get that.

  2. Very true MC...very true. I just wish my husband had more support, you know? Oh well though, it is what it is! And you are correct, I am EXTREMELY blessed I mean, WE are extremely blessed with the support we DO have:)