Monday, November 1, 2010

Easier said than done...

What things do you wish you could do, but can't? I'm not talking about "I wish I could run a marathon this weekend" or "I wish I could grow my nails out" I'm talking about things like, I wish I could not let that negative lady at work affect me. I wish I could not cry when I see elephants in the circus. I wish I could not let things bother me that I can't control.

My sister said, "Think about the serenity prayer. Whenever something is bothering you, just think of the serenity prayer." First of all, I don't have the serenity prayer memorized, I suppose that is something I should work on. When something irritates me - whether it be a slow driver in the fast lane, or something someone did or said - I inhale deeply, pray a little, then try not to think about it again.

Another coping mechanism I've recently come up with is to "put myself in their shoes." Actually, this technique would've been extremely useful had I considered it back in my school days. But alas, I did not. For example, that person who irritates me? I think to myself, maybe they're so jealous of me that they have to be mean. Or, maybe the person driving slow in the fast lane, on their cell phone, is actually in the middle of an important phone call and someone is ill. Or maybe, that person just lost their job.

It's kind of a game. I'll be driving and someone is going slow in the fast lane. She is young, on her phone and laughing. I am tailing her because, well, you're supposed to get over if you're going slow in the fast lane! I think to myself, maybe she just found out she is pregnant, or lost her job or maybe she just found out she got a raise. These are all things that I do not know how I would handle them, and they may cause me to not pay attention.

One of my biggest pet peeves (apart from slow drivers in the fast lane if you couldn't already tell) is when people don't stand their ground. Back in high school I believe this was referred to as being "two-faced." Let me break it down for you...if you don't like someone and you talk behind their back, don't then be nice to their face. And if you are with a person who is badmouthing someone you do like, stick up for that person!

Back to the focus of this blog which, is, that I wish I could not let things affect me that I cannot control. I'm getting better at it. Its tough though.

Let me also utilize this forum to say that I am sick and tired of political ads on TV!!! I am dreading watching DWTS tonight because I just know the two-minute commercial slots will be inundated with Harztler v. Skelton and Blunt v. Carnahan...BORING!!

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