Saturday, September 25, 2010

Essential Oils take me away...

Lavender helps with anxiety. Ginkgo biloba helps with aging and memory. Bilberry and ginseng help with hot flashes. Black cohosh and dandelion root are also good for things I just can't remember what because I've done so much research I can't keep it straight.

Nancy at Perfect Scents off Main and 51st in the South Plaza area can make a crazy good "hot flash" concoction. I try to be as natural and holistic as possible. Therefore, utilizing essential oils, aromatherapy and soy milk have become a part of my daily regime.

Seriously folks, whether you are dealing with hot flashes, anxiety, constipation, trying to quit smoking, morning sickness, hay fever, a stubbed toe or loss of appetite - try essential oils. Visit Nancy at Perfect Scents.

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